A Month Without A Wife


As I sit here at Starbucks, I begin typing my first Waugh Blog post living in Florida. That’s right! Susie and I (and soon-to-be Bella Grace) have officially moved down to Spring Hill and begun a new chapter of our lives in our hometown. Although it sounds pleasant just to sit, relax, drink a cup of coffee, and write… the weeks leading up to this moment have been rough.

Lonely, All Alone In The Moonlight

Five weeks ago, Susie and I began the discussion to move her down to Florida a month before I move down. Being five months pregnant, we determined the longer she was in Birmingham, the more difficult it would be for her to be in a car for 500 miles. Knowing our appointments, ultrasounds, doctor, and hospital were all in Florida, we felt it best to move Susie down as soon as possible.

That left me flying solo for 1 month. 30 days. 720 hours. 43,200 minutes.

Yeah. It’s as bad as it sounds.

Needless to say, the past month has been pretty lonely in Birmingham without my wife.


Remember the dramatic moment in Braveheart when Mel Gibson yells, “Freedom!”?

Picture this. My first three days without a wife began by me jumping out of bed yelling freedom around our apartment.

If I wanted to eat chips and salsa for breakfast, I did.
If I wanted to play loud music in the mornings, I did.
If I wanted to watch the news, watch cartoons, or watch Disney, I did.
If I wanted to reuse my cereal bowl four days in a row, I did.
If I wanted to read a book in complete silence with a cup of coffee, I did.
If I wanted to do laundry, I did. Or didn’t.

Some of those may be a little exaggerated, but the point is—I had incredible freedom for one whole month without a wife.

Freedom At A Cost

After those first few days away from my wife, the fun began to fade. The other half of the bed was still made and untouched. The apartment began to get really quiet.

I may have been free, but my freedom was at a cost.

If I wanted to kiss my wife goodnight, I couldn’t.
If I wanted to go out for date night with her, I couldn’t.
If I wanted to laugh together watching Reba on TV, I couldn’t.
If I wanted to hug her after a bad day, I couldn’t.
If I wanted to put my hands on Susie’s stomach to feel Bella Grace kick, I couldn’t.
If I wanted to whisper in my wife’s ear, “I love you,” I couldn’t.

My freedom turned into a prison.

The Take Away

Today will be the first time my wife and I will be together for longer than two days in the past month and a half. As you can imagine, I am pretty stoked to see my wife and soon-to-be daughter! So—what’s the take away from all of this?

To all my married readers out there– hug your spouse a little tighter next time you see them. Kiss them goodnight and whisper in their ear, “I love you.” I promise, you won’t regret it.

For all my single friends out there– wait for that special someone God will bring into your life at just the right time and cherish those little moments you will have together one day—but wait on God’s timing. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Even if that “special someone” doesn’t come, treasure those intimate moments with the Lord when He says to you, “I love you and I have so much in store for your life.” I promise, you won’t regret it.

Today, I will end my month without a wife and with that—I gladly say goodbye to my freedom.

Have you ever had to spend an extended amount of time away from your spouse? How do you handle the lonely times in your life? How can you encourage other readers who may be struggling with loneliness right now?