A Beautiful Mess

northcliffe building construction


For four years I have been working on a project (actually a dream). Like other dreams, its conception came from a dilemma. Our staff had been giving me heads-up warnings that we were running out of space in the children and student ministries of our church. We have a guest-friendly policy of not saying to anyone “Sorry, but we don’t have room for your child or teenager.” That policy is doubly important since its God’s House.

That’s a great idea but it has a small problem.

The solution was simple. Build more space so we can accommodate more people.  Hey, we weren’t trying to build some kind of a Trump Tower … just a place to show God’s love to more people.  Putting up another building was a great idea but it had a small problem (and actually the problem wasn’t so small) – the economy! It would be ridiculous to attempt to build a $2.8 million dollar Family Life Conference Center in this economy (unless Donald Trump actually attended your church!). Our church family prayed and took the big step of faith remembering why we do what we do.

Who gets excited over the sound of noisy construction?

Three weeks ago, a dream that our Minister of Students, Jeff Dye and I had talked about on a plane flight, was suddenly becoming a reality. The sound of construction was loud … but to me, it was music to my ears! I looked at that very junky construction site with debris everywhere and declared “What a beautiful mess.”

Northcliffe Building Construction 2

God loves a beautiful mess too!

God can see beauty in the middle of a mess too. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:11 “God has made everything beautiful in its time.” Those last three words are important “in its time.” AT THIS TIME, the situation may look like a mess. But when a mess is given to God, IN HIS TIME, He can turn a mess into something beautiful.

Just ask Job.

There was a man in the Bible named Job who knew very well what it was like when life becomes a mess. I would not suggest for a moment that his life losses weren’t real and intensely painful. But guess what happened IN TIME? Job 42:12 says “The LORD blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part.” Life’s mess passed and eventually something beautiful was born. God sees the big picture of each life. What we may consider a pile of debris …God can see as a beautiful mess. So my challenge to you is this: Whatever you may have in your life that represents chaos or pain, pray this prayer, “God bless this mess.” Then, trust …IN TIME…that God can take anything bad … and eventually make it turn out for something beautiful in your life.

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