This Story Changes Lives


There’s a story that can change someone’s life forever. It’s not a story–of a lovely lady–but it’s actually a story of a man (who isn’t named Brady). This story can change your life, my life, and the children’s lives. This is the story of Jesus Christ.

The ABC’s

Growing up in the church, I have known the Christian ABC’s for a very long time. I have memorized it, sang it, wrote it, and told it many, many times. It’s kind of a go-to illustration for explaining to a child how to become a Christian.

Yesterday at Vacation Bible School, we shared the ABCs of becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. The ABC’s don’t “save” you or instantly turn you into a Christian. It is just one teaching tool used to help children understand the story of Jesus Christ and what He did for humanity.

A – Admit to God that we have made mistakes and messed up. (the Bible calls that “sin” – Romans 3:23)

B – Believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son and died on the cross for our sin. And three days later, He defeated death and came back to life! (John 3:16)

C – Confess your faith in Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and leader of your life. (Romans 10:13)


Life Change

Regardless of the teaching tool, whether it is an evangicube, ABC’s, tracts, or a combination of all three with a Bible… the important thing is life change through Jesus Christ.

The moment someone makes Jesus their personal Lord and Savior… life change happens.

Yesterday, we had three teenagers rededicate their lives to Jesus and I am still waiting to hear back on decisions made with the children.

After our day with the children and teenagers, we enjoyed a nice dinner together at a Cuban restaurant. We ended our day by telling stories and celebrating the things God was doing this week.


This Story Changes Lives

When you encounter the story of Jesus Christ, it changes lives.

From brokenness to restoration.
From burdened to freedom.
From sin to forgiveness.
From hurting to healing.
From death to life.

 That’s what this week is about and that’s the Good News of Jesus Christ.

This story we share changes lives forever. Amen.