3 Things You Can Learn From Miami

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Last Friday was the last full day on the Miami mission trip with Northcliffe Baptist Church. On Saturday, we made our six hour drive back to Spring Hill. Over the weekend, I looked back at our trip and thought about three things you can learn from our Miami mission trip.

1. Expect The Unexpected

One of the top reality TV show hits in America is Big Brother. For three months, 15 people are stuck in a house together with no connection to the outside world. Performing challenges and voting each other out in a similar style to Survivor, it is a competition for half a million dollars.

The whole show is based around this one saying…

Expect the unexpected.

In Miami, we didn’t have things always go according to plan. In fact, even after our first full day of Vacation Bible School with the kids, our team re-worked our curriculum, schedule, and leadership in order to adapt to the unexpected. To the team, it was all Plan B. To God, it was all a part of Plan A.

Even though this life is filled with the unexpected, we trust in a God who is never surprised or caught off guard.

2. We Are Better Together

A team of 18 teenagers, college students, and adults coming together with one purpose: to show and share the love of Jesus in the lives of these kids.

Of course, I could have gone down by myself and done that. In fact, every single person on the team could’ve gone down without the team and loved on these kids. But what was the key factor that took our trip to the next level?

We are better together.

We all have God-given gifts, talents, and passions for a purpose and when 18 people come together for one common goal… the possibilities of miracles are endless.

In Miami, our team knew we are better together. Instead of everyone doing their own thing, instead of everybody complaining, instead of watching out only for yourself, this team got it.

We watched out for each other. We changed things for each other. We put down our own desires, time, and ideas, in order to benefit the team. We knew God could use this team so much more when we work together.

The same applies in our Christian walk. Don’t try to go through life on your own. Get connected with other believers at a local church. We are better together.

3. There Is Always Hope

Last week, I posted This Story Changes Lives and talked a little bit more about this lesson. Going into the trip, some of us knew what we were getting into because of past mission trip experience. Our target audience in Miami was the children of the local church.

In reality, we left this trip seeing how God did great things through the lives of the teenagers of Miami and all the people we served.

In a poverty-level neighborhood, this church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ was a beacon of hope.
In the middle of robbery, crimes, and cursing, there was hope.
In the middle of hurting and hungry people, there was hope.
In the middle of darkness, there was hope.

Overall, 10 teenagers gave their life to Jesus, 3 teenagers re-dedicated their life to Jesus, and 10-15 children gave their life to Jesus for the first time.

Against all odds, there was hope. And lives were changed forever. The same is true for any of us.

Even when it seems like there’s no hope where you are today, I promise you that God provides a hope like no other through His Son, Jesus Christ.

There is always hope. Put your trust in Him, today.

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