The Wait Is Over


After nine months of planning, preparing, and looking towards August 2013, the wait is now over. On August 23rd at 7:42pm our baby girl, Bella Grace Anna Waugh, entered this world and changed our lives forever. She is now five days old and we look back on all the months of anticipation and realize… she was worth the wait.

Will She Ever Come?

Our baby girl’s due date was August 18th which is great… if babies were to actually be born on their due date. But with our daughter, this wasn’t the case. With several health factors involved, doctors began predicting an induction starting the last week of July. Until the health of Susie or our baby were in danger, they wanted to keep Bella Grace in the womb for as long as possible.

After five doctor appointments being told, “Oh yeah, you’ll be induced next time for sure…”
After packing our overnight bags for every appointment….
After mentally and emotionally preparing ourselves for a baby to come home with us each visit…

The question we kept asking ourselves was not, “What will it be like when she’s here?” but rather, “Will she ever come?”

She Came


On August 23rd at 7:42pm our Bella Grace was born! She came weighing seven pounds and eight ounces and as cute as can be.

Because Susie’s pregnancy ended in a C-section, we knew this would not be a regular delivery. We were expecting our daughter to be born and then not be able to see her or hold her for another hour while they made sure Susie and baby were stable and healthy.

At 7:42pm, Bella Grace was born in the operating room and at 7:50pm, the nurse said, “Ready to hold her, Dad?”


I’m…. a…. dad….?

As I type this with some tears, the next moment was life-changing. I’m sitting next to Susie and they hand Bella Grace to me. Words cannot describe the feeling but the only thing I can remember is an overwhelming sense of peace.

She’s here.

It was like I could hear God whisper in my heart….

“Take good care of her, Josh.”


Plan C Was Really Plan A

Expecting our little girl three weeks before August 18th, according to the doctors, was Plan A. And then when they kept telling us to come back in three days for another check up and an induction next time, then we went to Plan B. When August 18th passed and we finally went to the hospital for an induction, we were at Plan C.

After all this waiting, rearranging of schedules, packing bags, mental and emotional preparation, as well as missing a lot of work, it seemed like our timeline was completely wrong with nothing to show for it. We were emotionally and physically exhausted… Susie was more than ready for this baby to be here… we were running low on money… and everybody was still asking us, “No baby yet?”

No. No baby yet.

But on August 23rd at 7:42pm, God was still on Plan A for our lives.

Through this experience, I was reminded that my timeline, my plan, and my way is not always God’s timeline, God’s plan, and God’s way.

Our Plan C was really God’s Plan A the whole time.

Isaiah 55:8-9 says
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.
“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”