For The Love Of Kevin Brown

Over the past six months, Susie and I have lost three friends unexpectedly in their 20s. Every two months starting in October of last year, we have had a friend pass away who was in their 20s. We lost Chad at the age of 23. We lost Ariana at the age of 22. And last Wednesday morning, we lost my buddy Kevin at the age of 28.

kevin brown

“Kevin The Drummer”

I met Kevin when I was in middle school. The Christian rock band he played drums with came to our church one night and all I can remember was…

Best. Drummer. Ever.

kevin brown 2

I mean, Kevin can really throw down some beats. This guy was legit.

In middle school, you could definitely compare my admiration of “Kevin the Drummer” to a middle school girl and Taylor Swift. But seriously, just hearing him play drums, I was amazed at how well he could play. And to think he did it all for God? Icing on the cake.

Little did I know that one day, I would play in a band with “Kevin the Drummer.”

Over the years I did not see Kevin much or hear from him for that matter. While I lived in Birmingham, I had the opportunity to come home every now and then and play guitar for our worship services at Northcliffe.

One Sunday morning, as I plug in my guitar and get ready for sound check… guess who’s on drumset?


I was blessed to play in the band and help lead music and worship at Northcliffe with Kevin several times. He did an amazing job whenever he played and to think I was able to play with him?

I went from middle school boy loving “Kevin the Drummer” to leading worship alongside Kevin as adults… God has a sense of humor.

Or was God blessing me with opportunities to spend a little bit more time with Kevin before he went to heaven?

Living In The Dash

Susie and I went to Kevin’s wake last night in Brooksville. Sitting in that church with Kevin’s family and close friends allowed me to see another side of Kevin I never knew. We didn’t hang out much. But hearing from his family last night made me wish I knew him all the more while he was here.

One of the people who stood up to speak reminded us that our tombstone shows the day we were born and the day we passed away. In between those two dates is a dash.

And that dash… is our entire life.

He reminded us God has given us the opportunity to live a short time here on earth. And what we do here on earth determines how we were “living in the dash.” And for Kevin, his “dash” may be a lot shorter than others, but he left a huge impact on many lives.

Don’t Waste Your Life

In the Northcliffe Student Ministry we have been in a message series called Don’t Waste Your Life. I had the opportunity to speak on the first night of this series. The key truth I shared with the 6th-12th grade students became even more of a reality after losing our third friend in the past six months…

“God has given us one life, and he doesn’t want us to waste it.”

But What I Can Tell You…

I can’t tell you why I have lost three friends over the past six months.
I can’t tell you why they all passed away so young.
I can’t tell you what the future holds and how this will all work out.

But what I can tell you is that it pushes me all the more to talk about Jesus.
But what I can tell you is Jesus changed my life and can change yours, too.
But what I can tell you is about a place called heaven where there is no more death, no more pain, no more sorrow.
But what I can tell you is how you can give your life to Jesus, because it’s the best decision you could ever make.

It’s the decision “Kevin the Drummer” made and now plays drums for Jesus in heaven.

We love you, Kevin. See you soon.

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