“Wait, what did we sing yesterday?” 5/29/17

Have you ever left church wondering why you sang the songs you sang? Sure you have! At least I hope… LOL

As a worship pastor, I believe it is my job and calling to prepare the people’s heart for what the pastor will present in God’s Word for that day. The songs, Bible readings, spoken word and prayers we do and sing together, I believe, should get us ready to hear and receive the teaching the pastor has prayerfully prepared for us. My prayer is that at least one aspect of every worship service connects with every age and stage of life at some point during the service.
I’d love for you to hear my heart as to why we sang the songs we did yesterday and for you–maybe a congregant of First Baptist Hendersonville, a friend, a curious on-looker, maybe even a fellow believer–to make the connection between WHAT we do and WHY we do it.

When I prepare our band-led service for First Baptist Church of Hendersonville, I receive from Pastor Dr. Bruce Chesser the Biblical text for the sermon that day—which was Mark 6:1-6– and then go from there…

1. We opened with a song by David Crowder, Ed Cash and Seth Philpott titled, “Lift Your Head, Weary Sinner (Chains).” Loved having our choir and orchestra open the service with our band!!
It’s a perfect fit for the opening of a church service, a ‘call to worship’ so-to-speak, with lyrics like…
“If you’re lost and wandering
Come stumbling in like a prodigal child
See the walls start crumbling
Let the gates of glory open wide
All who’ve strayed and walked away, unspeakable things you’ve done
Fix your eyes on the mountain, let the past be dead and gone
Come all saints and sinners, you can’t outrun God
Whatever you’ve done, can’t overcome the power of the blood.”
Whatever mess-ups you’re walking in to church with, or even if you and Jesus are BFFs, you’re welcome here. This is a judgement-free zone, we’re all on the same playing field pointing to the same answer for all: Jesus.
2. We continued with, “Worthy of Your Name,” by Brenton Brown, Brett Younker and Sean Curran. A song made popular from Passion 2017, this was a new song introduced last week to the church. Our pastor began his message by reading the passage where Jesus was limited by the miracles he could do in his own hometown because they couldn’t get past thinking, “Isn’t this the carpenter?” (Mark 6:3). This song stands in contrast to the people’s response from the passage as we sing of who Jesus was and how He is our help today…
“Rumors of the Son of Man
Stories of a Savior
Holiness with human hands
Treasure for the traitor
No ear has heard no eye has seen
The image of the Father
Until heaven came to live with me
A rescue like no other
You are worthy You are worthy of Your name
You are worthy yes
You are worthy of Your name, Jesus
You’re my author my maker my ransom my Savior
My refuge my hiding place
You’re my helper my healer my blessed Redeemer
My answer my saving grace
You’re my hope in the shadows My strength in the battle
My anchor for all my days
And You stand by my side and You stood in my place
Jesus no other name Only Jesus no other name”
3. We also sang, “Great Are You Lord,” by David Leonard, Jason Ingram and Leslie Jordan. Again, keep in mind, in today’s passage, Jesus was doubted and hindered from doing miracles because of their lack of faith! Lord, keep us from doubting You, from putting You in a box. Lord, give us BIG faith. These lyrics, hopefully, put us in the position to hear the passage and teaching for the day… to remind us what God can do in our lives and what our response should be.
“You give life, You are love
You bring light to the darkness
You give hope, You restore ev’ry heart that is broken
And great are You Lord
It’s Your breath in our lungs
So we pour out our praise
We pour out our praise
It’s Your breath in our lungs
So we pour out our praise to You only
And all the earth will shout Your praise
Our hearts will cry these bones will sing
Great are You Lord”
4. After the sermon, we concluded the service with, “Miracles,” by Chris Quilala, Dustin Smith, Joshua Silverberg and Stuart Garrard. What a response and time of reflection it was! After reading about those who had doubted Jesus and the miracles he had performed, we now ask God to help apply it to us personally and corporately today in 2017. This song was a moment to respond, challenge and reiterate a prayer of faith for those who may doubt that God can still do a miracle in their lives now. Some of the lyrics are…
“The One who made the blind to see
Is moving here in front of me
Moving here in front of me
The One who made the deaf to hear
Is silencing my ev’ry fear
Silencing my ev’ry fear
I believe in You I believe in You
You’re the God of miracles
I believe in You I believe in You
You’re the God of miracles”
This is WHY we sang the songs we did yesterday. In the middle of the sermon, one of our 12th grade praise team members text me saying, “I see the connection, I see what you did there!” It made my heart happy! Mission accomplished.
You may not be able to remember all the words from the sermon, but you may remember the song you sang. My prayer is that those songs become a part of your faith journey. I hope you are encouraged by these lyrics and helps you see the connection from Sunday, to Monday through Saturday.
May the Lord continue to bless the reading of His word and the songs we sing.